Coolant Tips

Coolant facts and tips to keep your machinery safe

Good coolants properly used will significantly improve machine productivity. Most modern coolants perform well if properly used. Proper coolant use is usually more rewarding than the actual coolant selection.

Proper use of Coolants:

  • Always clean and de-contaminate the machine and sump before refilling with fresh coolant.
  • Always pre-mix the coolant to the manufacturer’s recommended dilution for the application.
  • Monitor regularly and always top up with pre-mixed coolant.


A major contaminant of coolant is tramp oil. The oil usually originates from leaky hydraulic systems, gear boxes, spindles etc. and most commonly from total loss slideway lubrication systems used on many modern machine tools. The oil accumulates on the coolant surface, due to the difference in specific gravity, surface tension and the fact that oil tends to bond to itself more tightly than it does to water or coolant. Though this makes it easier to remove, it does man that it effectively seals the coolant from the air, thus creating an ideal environment for rapid growth of micro-organisms.

The result is:

  • Rancidity (foul smell and rusting/corrosion problems.
  • High risk of skin problems such as severe dermatitis.
  • General deterioration in coolant performance and life.
  • Excessive coolant use.
  • High disposal costs.