Tramp Oil Belt Skimmers

Achieves skimming at greater depth, using less surface area

  • Durable and Compact – can be moved around the machine shop easily.
  • Tough & Effective – removes up to 12 litres of tramp oil per hour.
  • Portable – light and easy to install so you can move it around as needed.
  • Standard Belts are 75mm or 130mm wide.
  • Standard Belt Drops available – 125, 180, 230, 280, 330 and 370mm.
  • Special belt drops available up to 3m.
  • High temperature belts available. 80 – 100°C. 110V or 240V versions available.
  • Easy to fit
  • Hand built in UK.

We recommend a Tecmaco Belt Skimmer where it may not be possible to use a Disc Skimmer for one of the following reasons:

  • Not enough headroom for the disc (usually on tanks located under the machine bed).
  • The Coolant level varies outside the disc range – A disc spinning in mid air isn’t skimming any tramp oil!
  • The tank is below floor level.