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We offer effective, low-cost solutions to Tramp Oil problems. Typical applications include: Coolant tanks, Centralised coolant systems, Aqueous wash tanks, Alkaline cleaners, Degreasers, Acid pickling tanks, Heat treatment machinery, Settling tanks, Oil water separators.

Why use our Tramp Oil Skimmers?

  • The low cost solution to Tramp Oil problems
  • Proudly made in the UK
  • Compact robust units
  • 1 year warranty
  • Very fast pay back time – the amount you save in coolant replacement and coolant disposal costs will be noticeable quickly
  • Thousands of units operating in the field - as you surf this website we are saving customers money!

The main cause of coolant deterioration is oil contamination from slideways, hydraulic leaks and component residues. This oil effectively seals the surface of the coolant depriving it from oxygen and light which creates an ideal environment for anaerobic bacterial growth.

We range includes Tramp Oil Disk Skimmers and Tramp Oil Belt Skimmers to enable you to find a low-cost solution to most applications in which tramp oil is present. So far we have literally thousands of units in the field working to reduce lost profits caused by tramp oil in a wide variety of industries from small machine shops to the automotive trade to the food industry. Our units represent the standard by which others are measured.

Simple - Effective - Economic and proudly made in the UK